5 Tips to Instantly Improve Inbound Candidate Pool

Are you getting crushed by a flood of low-quality one-click inbound? Fear not! By investing in a handful of smart actions, you and your team will easily filter out the noise to attract the talent you desire and secure long-term hiring success.

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Amit Bhatia

Amit Bhatia
Co-founder and CEO,

Brett Van Buskirk

Brett Van BusKirk
VP, Marketing,

Inbound is overwhelming and costly

A surge in inbound applicants makes finding potential harder and also deteriorates core metrics like pass-through rate. This struggle is pushing many companies to invest in higher-cost channels in pursuit of stronger signals on candidate quality.

Stronger inbound quality signals are easy

Improving inbound quality signals isn’t hard, you just need to know what tweaks make the most impact. It starts with understanding your current performance today and then making (seemingly) minor updates to your job posts and hiring process. It’s the little things that matter most when hiring!

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