Datapeople Platform Update: December 2023

As our last platform release for 2023, we look back on this challenging yet rewarding year with immense gratitude. We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to invest in and partner with companies making the hiring experience more human, one grounded in fairness and efficiency. We are inspired by the work our customers do everyday and are honored to learn from their experiences and expertise as we build out the future of Datapeople. 

To reward their trust and continue to support their objectives, our team has been hard at work this month to create a new and improved Datapeople, one that will form the foundation for a successful and impactful 2024. We hope you enjoy the new updates!

A quick summary of what’s new:

As always, we look forward to your questions and feedback. Click here to drop us an email.

Easily replace vague soft skills with clear, experience-based alternatives

When it comes to the guidance in our Smart Editor, you asked for less ‘deleting’ and more ‘replacing’.

Instead of highlighting vague soft skills and only offering you the option to delete that language, we’ll provide you with alternative verbiage that is role-specific, clear, and experience-based.

Benefits of this update:

  • Enhanced job post clarity and directness (which candidates ❤)
  • Time saved during the job writing process
  • More qualified candidates in your pipeline

To learn more about vague soft skills and why they’re important to avoid in job posts, check out this article.

Note: At this time, this update has been released for a handful of popular job types. We will gradually include more job types in the future. 

Get where you need to go faster with the Datapeople Homepage

We’re excited to introduce a more personalized and intuitive way to navigate the Datapeople platform.

Now, when you login to Datapeople, or click the logo in the upper left of your screen, you’ll be greeted with a personalized view of the actions, insights, and pages that are most relevant to you, all on one intuitive homepage. 

Your new homepage enables you to:

  • View a consolidated and personalized list of just your jobs
  • Access core recruiting actions and critical insights, at-a-glance
  • Learn from relevant content to make your recruitment process more fair and efficient

To learn more about your new homepage and how your feedback inspired this exciting update, check out this article. 

We are excited about 2024 and can’t wait to provide teams with additional capabilities and potential to truly build the hiring experience their business needs and their talent deserves.  Thanks for reading! 

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