Do More With Less: 3 Changes To Immediately Improve Inbound Applicant Quality 

Inbound applicant pools for some jobs and locations have ballooned in 2023 thanks largely to two major trends – layoffs and hiring slowdowns led by (but not limited to) the tech industry and the Return to Office wave. According to a LinkedIn study, remote jobs make up around 14% of all listings across the platform […]

A Job Post Title Cautionary Tale

A job post title cautionary tale.

A job post title is more technical than it first seems. No matter what internal title you use, use a technical external title for job posts.

Why Job Titles Must Be Searchable, Clear

Why job post titles need to be clear.

Job titles for recruiting are different than ones for human resources. It’s vital that the titles you use in recruiting-based job descriptions are searchable and unambiguous.