Building a Winning Talent Acquisition Technology Stack: Insights from Squarespace

Recruiting the right talent is crucial for any company’s success, but navigating the ever-evolving landscape of recruiting technologies can be daunting. A recent webinar featuring Mark Tortora, Staff Recruiting Operations Lead at Squarespace, and Amit Bhatia, Co-Founder and CEO of Datapeople, offered valuable insights on building a winning talent acquisition technology stack. Prioritizing user experience […]

10 Subtle Barriers in Your Job Post Sabotaging Diversity

10 subtle yet impactful ways your job descriptions might be hindering diversity and representation in your hiring process:

Every now and then we read of an egregious example of racism or bigotry manifesting itself in a company’s job posts. While those often get picked up by social media and news sites, those instances are (thankfully!) rare. Yet, far too often subtle diversity barriers are prevalent in many job posts. However, every single day, well-intentioned […]

Talent Acquisition Needs Upskilling, Not Just Training: Datapeople University Raises the Bar

Talent Acquisition Needs Learning, Not Just Training

The talent acquisition landscape is shifting. What worked yesterday might leave you and your teams scrambling tomorrow. While training on specific tools and workflows has its place, it’s not enough to drive success. Talent acquisition needs learning to stay ahead and continuously deliver successful outcomes. The highest performing TA teams understand the “why” (the rationale) […]

The Keys To Crafting a Winning Employer Brand

Employer brand is crucial for successful hiring. It is made up of a number of factors including People, Experience, Reputation, Proposition, etc.

In the talent acquisition game, time is a precious commodity. The pressure to attract qualified candidates mounts with every open position, and crafting compelling job posts often falls victim to the tyranny of the urgent. This leads to inconsistency, missed opportunities, and ultimately, hindered recruitment efforts. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In […]

High-Performance Talent and Hiring Manager Relationships – Webinar On-Demand Summary

High-performance talent acquisition and hiring manager relationships

Remember that feeling? You’ve found the perfect candidate, someone who checks all the boxes and promises to do amazing things for your company. But then, somewhere between the interview and the offer, the magic fizzles. They vanish into the ether, leaving you wondering what went wrong. To start, you probably lack high-performance talent and hiring […]

From Checkboxes to Catalysts: Unleash The Potential Of New Hire Intake Meetings

Talent Acquisition and Hiring Manager Alignment begins during New Hire Intake Meeting

Whether it’s called a “Hiring Manager Kick-Off,” “New Req Calibration,” or something else entirely, the New Hire Intake Meeting is often seen as a formality before the “real work” of recruiting begins. But within this oft-mundane exchange lies a potent opportunity to transform your hiring game. By ditching the checkbox mentality and strategically structuring your […]