Assistive Intelligence (AI) in Recruiting

The rise of AI has been well chronicled and recruiting could be primed to benefit greatly. However, most current tools are not tailored to hiring and thus feel very artificial and expose companies to undue risk and bias. Dominick and Amit instead look forward to assistive intelligence to enhance the irreplaceable value of human interaction in talent acquisition.

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Dominik Hahn
Global Head of Group
Talent Acquisition

Amit Bhatia
Co-founder and CEO,

Assistive intelligence is the future

Recruiting has an abundance of mundane tasks that consume valuable time. An assistive intelligence will safely handle these tasks freeing up teams to focus on more strategic aspects of hiring like building relationships.

Critical safeguards

No AI is perfect. They are all a function of their training and data. Thus, to protect business-critical information and avoid imparting bias it is critical to consider how you implement your AI governance regime.

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