Datapeople Insights

The recruiting analytics suite that turns unknowns into knowns

Transform ambiguous recruiting data into real-time insights that answer your hiring questions, propel DEI goals forward, and allow you to make strategic, data-driven recruiting decisions – without the manual effort.

Say goodbye to hours wasted cleaning up data

We map all of your ATS data into core categories that align with HR best practices, so you have the bandwidth to actually refine your hiring process (not just analyze it).

Empowered teams.
Incredible results.

Talent acquisition leaders use Datapeople to build data-driven hiring strategies that make hiring more fair and efficient.


Do meaningful work. Not manual work.

Supercharge your ATS data

Makes sense of your ATS data in a matter of minutes with our seamless API integration.

Get granular insights

Zoom in (or out) on the details you need to fuel your hiring strategy.


Go from dashboard to deck in no time with one-click .csv and .png export capabilities.

DEI Insights

Propel DEI goals forward with unmatched visibility

Where in the hiring process are female applicants dropping out? How many male candidates applied? How many got hired? With Datapeople Insights you gain gender visibility from application to offer, so you can bake fairness into every stage of your process and build a more diverse workforce.
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Process Insights

Hit hiring goals with clear and predictable processes

How many applicants do we need to make one hire? Where in the process are engineering candidates dropping out? How do our offer acceptance rates compare to the market? With Datapeople Insights, quickly understand how candidates move through your funnel, identify where optimizations are needed, and see how your recruiting efforts stack up in the marketplace.
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Source Insights

Maximize ROI by doubling down on what’s working

Which sources resulted in most of our hires last quarter? Are we getting more qualified candidates from agency sourcing or inbound? At a glance, identify which sources lead to qualified candidates and which don’t so you can strategically deploy your team, budget, and time while achieving greater hiring outcomes.
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Perfect your (entire) hiring process

Why aren’t our jobs attracting diverse candidate pools? How can we ensure all of our jobs are compliant? Is there a way to simplify our intake process? Get the intelligence and control you need to level up critical (yet often overlooked) hiring steps that fall outside of your ATS but have a huge impact on your hiring outcomes.
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