The GR8 People integration for a data-driven, standardized, compliant hiring process

Simplify your workflow, empower entire teams, and achieve your hiring goals with Datapeople right where you need it.

Ensure consistency, compliance, and hiring success with the only GR8 People integration that truly standardizes the way your team hires.

Automated, Comprehensive Coverage

Avoid risk, bias, and damage to your employer brand with inclusive job descriptions that follow internal and external requirements including pay transparency, EEO, and ADA rules & regulations.

Standardized, Streamlined Workflows

Instrument best practices with pre-approved templates that embed smart real-time data, AI-powered recommendations, and collaboration within the systems your hiring teams already use.

Transformative Change Management

Don’t hope for adoption, drive it to elevate every stakeholder, revolutionizing how you hire and changing the trajectory of your business.

Maximum ROI. Minimal Effort.

We work where you work to consistently reduce time and effort to hire. Our flexible GR8 People integration options ask less and deliver more, so you can focus on achieving greater hiring success with less cost and regulatory risk.

“Out of the Box”
GR8 People Integration

Powers instantaneous bi-directional sync in just a matter of hours!

Datapeople Anywhere

Instantly offers web browser-powered convenience

Datapeople Standalone

Provides the benefits of the Datapeople platform without the GR8 People connection 
(or any technical effort)
Are you currently using or thinking of switching to GR8 People? Keep reading to learn all the ways you’ll benefit from the Datapeople-GR8 People integration.

The Platform

The Datapeople platform is the foundation for seamless user experiences across all our products that keep your whole team efficient, engaged, and stewards of your employer brand and regulatory reputation. With our GR8 People integration, the Datapeople platform offers:

Single sign-on (SSO)

Sign into GR8 People and Datapeople with the same username and password. Just one set of login credentials to remember!

Automatic user management

Datapeople will match your permissions in GR8 People and personalize the experience for each user. Promptly on- and offboard team members, ensure no one has access to data they shouldn’t, and make it simple for everyone to find exactly what they need.

Personalized homepages

Every user enters through a customized dashboard that highlights only the most relevant, timely, and appropriate content, data, and action items.

Streamlined hiring team collaboration

Hiring is a team sport, so Datapeople is designed to help hiring teams align. There’s no limit to how many people can work together by sharing, commenting, and so much more.

Smart Editor

The Datapeople Smart Editor helps you write consistent, compliant, inclusive job descriptions that attract more diverse and qualified candidate pools. With our GR8 People integration, the Smart Editor cuts out unnecessary steps and saves time with:

Job repository

Datapeople imports and organizes all your draft, open, and closed jobs from GR8 People in real time so you can immediately start optimizing. It’s the searchable and filterable one-stop shop for all your job and recruiting content.

Automatic guardrails

Customizable templates and a company-wide Style Guide ensure properly constructed job descriptions and perpetuate a single, strong employer brand.

One-Click Sync

Our GR8 People integration replaces the need to export or copy and paste job posts, saving you time and minimizing room for error. Push your job post’s title, location, and content from the Smart Editor to GR8 People with a single click!

Datapeople Anywhere

Our web browser overlay simplifies your workflow by letting you use the Smart Editor directly in GR8 People. Access your Datapeople drafts, as well as an editor with the guidance you’ll recognize from the Datapeople app, without ever leaving GR8 People.

Datapeople Insights

Our recruiting analytics suite lets you instantly understand and make better decisions about your entire hiring process. Our GR8 People integration provides:

Data clean-up

Datapeople gets your raw recruiting data report-ready so you can make sense of what’s in GR8 People. Turn messy data into meaningful insights – without doing any manual work yourself.

Data organization

Confidently optimize your talent strategy, end-to-end hiring process, and recruiting outcomes with accurate, actionable insights far beyond what’s available in GR8 People at every step.

15+ illuminating reports

Confidently optimize your talent strategy, end-to-end hiring process, and recruiting outcomes with accurate, actionable insights far beyond what’s available in GR8 People at every step.

Customized reporting

Instantly build reports that reflect your interests using exclusive Datapeople filters (based on AI-powered job analysis) and data fields imported directly from GR8 People. Easily explore from different perspectives and efficiently generate tailored views of your data.