Smart Editor

Ensure everyone feels welcome to apply

Your ticket to greater diversity, higher candidate quality, and lower costs start with your jobs and the process behind them.

One score for everything

We’ve combined everything you need to know about job content into a single predictive performance score. 

Job Titles

Use job titles that work

Reduce confusion and mitigate candidate confidence issues by using job titles that match your job requirements. 

Job titles play an important role in ensuring that qualified candidates click through and read your listing. Make sure you’re using job titles that qualified candidates can understand.


Set reasonable requirements

Setting clear and appropriate job requirements is the easiest way to include qualified candidates from every background.

We help you avoid confusing requirements, remove unnecessary education or experience requirements, and even redact well-intentioned but confusing soft skills.

Job Language

Use clear language

When marketing to a diverse candidate pool, it’s important to use language that everyone can understand. 

Corporate cliches, superfluous language, even using the indirect voice can create unnecessary barriers for candidates.

Inclusion isn't spell check

Add empathy to your recruiting process to attract a diverse and qualified candidate pool. Our Smart Editor includes bias guidance that helps you avoid small mistakes that could have a big impact on how candidates perceive your communications.
He/she will join a 4-man team


Gender-coded content that could exclude candidates based on gender identities.

Understanding the master/slave clusters

Racism and Tokenism

Racially insensitive content and language that tokenizes groups. 

Must be able to lift 20 lbs


Language that could exclude people with physical disabilities.

Young professional
with lots of energy


Ageist content that could exclude people based on age, both young and old.

Strong preference for Ivy League graduates


Content that excludes people from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

You share our
Christian values


Language that excludes people from different religious backgrounds. 

Predictive perfoRmance

Increase your recruiting pipeline

Job posts that score an 85+ or higher using our Smart Editor attract a more qualified and diverse candidate pool.

Job Description Software

Make your recruiting process a team sport

Give your team a workflow with templates and libraries to make getting started less intimidating and post listings faster.

Job Templates
Use templates with saved “about us,” perks, and diversity statement sections to standardize listings.
Job Document Library
Keep job documents in a centralized library to make it easy to find and clone past job listings.
Revision History
Track editing history and view past revisions to help teams collaborate on job listings.
Operational Insights
Monitor content reports to ensure that job listings are complete and spot issues that can adversely impact your candidate pools.


Works everywhere
you work

Use our browser extension, Datapeople Anywhere, to bring our job score and editing guidance directly into your applicant tracking system.

ATS Integrations

Works with (almost)
every ATS

Integrate with your applicant tracking system to better organize your recruiting data.