Navigating the Evolving Legal Landscape of Hiring

Hiring compliance is no longer a box to check: it is a cornerstone of building a strong employer brand and attracting top talent. HR and Employment Counsel Renee Jackson sat down with Amit Bhatia to unravel the complexities and opportunities of the evolving legal landscape of hiring.

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Renee Jackson
Founder & CEO,
Blue Oak Legal

Amit Bhatia

Amit Bhatia
Co-founder and CEO,

Hiring compliance 101

Hiring compliance can be daunting. Renee and Amit walk through the risks, challenges, and requirements of pay transparency, compliance laws (ADA, EEO, FLSA, etc), data privacy, and more.

AI regulation and hiring

As governments and candidates alike demand transparency regarding AI deployment, Renee and Amit discuss how leaders in talent acquisition can leverage “assistive” intelligence to improve efficiency without compromising trust.

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