Embrace Forward-Looking Data-Driven Hiring Decisions for Real Impact

In the fast-paced world of talent acquisition (TA), hindsight can be valuable, but foresight is truly transformative. While traditional reporting provides a historical snapshot of your hiring efforts, it often lacks the immediacy to course-correct and optimize the hiring process for current open positions. To truly impact current hiring, you need forward-looking data-driven hiring reporting.

Here at Datapeople, we understand the need for actionable recruiting intelligence. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking new report. A report designed to give your entire hiring team a dynamic, in-the-moment view of role-specific hiring process metrics. A view that illuminates areas to improve or opportunities to double down on what is working. 

Looking backward vs. looking forward

Traditional hiring metrics and reports often serve a retrospective purpose. They tell you what happened, and without question, contain metrics that matter. A high-performance hiring team and process must have these metrics at their fingertips. They provide a comprehensive understanding of performance across all (historic) hires. 

While historical reports can offer valuable insights, helping you measure and establish key performance metrics such as offer acceptance and pass-through rates, they often resemble a rearview mirror – reflecting what has already happened, but not necessarily guiding you toward the best path forward. This historic record can be incredibly valuable but is inherently limited to past hiring efforts. Thus, they fall short when it comes to guiding current hiring strategies.  

On-demand insights, real-time impact

Datapeople’s new Requisition Progress Report flips the script. The report equips your team to take advantage of forward-looking data-driven hiring reporting. It shares an intimate look at the lifecycle of a requisition, from opening to closing. This singular view ensures the entire hiring team understands the requisition’s progress. A shared perspective that will help align on smart adjustments to improve outcomes. This isn’t just a record of past actions; it’s a living dashboard. Empowering your entire hiring team (talent acquisition, hiring manager, and hiring team) to make data-driven decisions on in-flight roles.

Each requisition that you create in your ATS will generate a Requisition Progress Report. This report will consolidate all activity and insights across the requisition’s corresponding job posts. With the Requisition Progress Report, you can understand the status of your requisitions at a glance, easily shift course to more efficient and inclusive hiring processes, and share the latest progress with the hiring team and others with a single click.

Embrace the Requisition Progress Report to ensure you and your hiring team will finally have the following:

  • Intimate Look at Your Role’s Talent Pipeline: Track the flow of candidates through your hiring process. Identify potential bottlenecks and execute immediate adjustments.
  • Powerful Diversity and Inclusion Insights: Gain real-time visibility into the gender demographics of your applicant pool. Datapeople’s proprietary gender model ensures you can refine your outreach strategies and promote a more inclusive hiring experience.
  • Actionable Data, Shared Perspective: This report provides a single source of truth for your entire hiring team. A single view that will foster collaboration and ensure everyone is working towards the same goal – a successful hire.

Data-driven hiring reporting for smarter decision-making on “in progress” roles

The Requisition Progress Report doesn’t just provide data – it translates it into actionable insights. By surfacing these insights on-demand, you will break free from the limitations present in most hiring tools and platforms. You can boldly move into your hiring future by embracing forward-looking data-driven hiring reporting. A future that makes it seamless and second nature to embrace real-time data-driven decision-making. A future that delivers the hiring success your business needs to thrive.

With the Datapeople’s exclusive Requisition Progress Report you and your hiring team partners will be on the same page when you seek to:

  • Address Challenges Proactively: Identify potential issues early on and take corrective action before they snowball into major roadblocks.
  • Optimize Your Efforts: Focus your resources on the most promising candidates and channels, maximizing your chances of a successful hire.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions: Move beyond guesswork and base your (collective) hiring decisions on concrete data. Data-driven hiring decisions that will lead to a more efficient and effective process.

Boldly step into your forward-looking data-driven hiring future

Ready to unlock the power of actionable near real-time insights? With Datapeople, we take the leg work out of recruiting data analysis so you can spend your time doing meaningful, not manual, work.

  • Get the insights you need from the tech you already use (with our ATS integrations).
  • Up-level your job posts, recruiting operations, and hiring process for maximum ROI.
  • Ensure your hiring process is optimized for fairness and inclusivity.

Request a demo of Datapeople’s accessible and data-rich hiring platform to get one step closer to more fair, efficient, and successful hiring outcomes for all of your roles – including the one that is most frustrating right now!

Together, let’s revolutionize hiring with data.

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