A Global Platform for Hiring Teams Worldwide

While Datapeople (the company) is based in the United States, customers in 80+ different countries use our global platform for more inclusive hiring.

Organizations sometimes ask us whether Datapeople is a U.S.-based or global platform. It’s a fair question given that our headquarters is in New York City. 

The short answer is that, while our headquarters is in the United States, Datapeople’s recruiting analytics suite is a global platform. Our data sets are global, our customers are global, and our results are global. 

International data sets 

Our proprietary search engine has been crawling the internet for published job posts since 2015. We’ve collected and annotated more than 35 million unique job posts from about 40,000 companies around the world. 

We’ve also recorded candidate search behavior and the outcomes associated with these jobs (in real time). What the data has told us is that potential candidates, no matter where they live around the world, appreciate clarity in job posts. They want a clear title (recognizable, industry-standard), clear requirements (make sense and match the job title), and clear language (understandable and inclusive).

This treasure trove of international jobs data is the foundation of the guidance in Datapeople’s global platform. That guidance ranges from suggestions on job titling to requirements to language usage and much more.

Currently, organizations in over 80 countries are using Datapeople’s Language Analytics to write inclusive, effective job posts and candidate emails. They’re also using Datapeople’s Recruiting Analytics to measure the performance of their job posts and talent pipelines overall

Localized guidance

Clarity is universal, but it’s important that hiring teams also understand how their job posts fit into local markets. While our data is international, we know that job markets have unique characteristics. It’s why we tailor guidance to the markets of the organizations using our global platform.

The job markets in San Francisco, Paris, and Tokyo aren’t the same as the job markets in Des Moines, Aix-en-Provence, and Beppu. For example, hiring teams in tech-heavy cities like San Francisco can typically ask for more specialized requirements than hiring teams in other cities. 

Datapeople addresses this by calibrating data points and guidance to within a 40-mile/65-kilometer radius of any job. We use similar jobs within the market for performance benchmarking. We also take into account language localization (e.g., Trial Attorney versus Barrister, Chartered Accountant versus CPA). And we provide localized guidance (e.g., to remove years of experience in European geographies that frown upon including that requirement).

Global data, market localization

Datapeople is, indeed, a global platform. Again, our data sets, customers, and results are all international. And the guidance Datapeople provides relies on global recruiting data, although we tailor it to unique job markets

If you’d like to learn more about Datapeople’s global platform, we invite you to schedule a demo. You can also give us a call, and one of our team members will go over how Datapeople can make hiring more efficient and fair at your organization.

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