How has remote work changed hiring for all jobs?

In 2019, almost no companies offered remote or hybrid roles – today, most companies do. Remote work has shifted the ground beneath hiring teams’ feet, for remote and non-remote jobs alike.

Hiring in a Distributed World covers how remote jobs are impacting candidate pools for all types of jobs and how employers are responding. In it, you’ll find data and insights based not on anecdotal information (i.e., surveys) but on a unique dataset of millions of actual jobs. And you’ll find uniquely helpful tips for hiring remote, hybrid, or onsite roles in this new landscape.

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Remote jobs have grown 5x

Only 15% of companies have no remote or hybrid roles

Remote jobs attract 2.2x as many candidates as non-remote

Remote jobs attract 2.2x more women

6% of professional roles are “hybrid”

Bonuses for frontline jobs are on the rise

Hire successfully in a distributed world

For this report, we analyzed 30 million real-world job posts and hiring outcomes from 2019 onwards. Our data came from over 10,000 US employers and 122 different ATSs.

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Download my copy of the full report