A More Intuitive Recruiting Workflow is Just a Click Away

As we round out the year, we are excited about releasing the new foundation for the Datapeople platform. Earlier this year, we introduced our more robust reporting capabilities in the form of Datapeople Insights. The positive response to Datapeople Insights has been overwhelming, as has the feedback that your experience now needed a more intuitive post-login starting screen–one that offered direct access to the different actions that a user, such as a talent professional or one of their collaborators (e.g., the hiring manager), might wish to take immediately upon entering the platform. 

Basically, our customers, and our own platform data, were telling us our prior user experience needed to mature, necessitating the creation of a streamlined starting screen to make navigation easier and actions quicker.  

Reflecting on the challenges, excitement, and inspiration of 2023 in our industry and at Datapeople, we take pride in the strides we’ve collectively made. We’ve fostered more diverse and equitable talent pools while executing more efficient hiring processes. We are now more resolute in our belief that lasting change is possible, while fully recognizing the innovations that will be required. 

That is why we are thrilled to begin 2024 with a new welcome screen, encouraging users to more easily access everything the platform has to offer to achieve equitable and efficient hiring. We hope you enjoy the new update!

So, what’s new?

We are excited to introduce the Datapeople Homepage, your one-stop shop for getting where you need to go faster – all while ensuring your hiring teams have direct access to the capabilities to build more efficient, collaborative, and impactful workflows that propel your hiring goals forward.

Why we prioritized this update:

At Datapeople, we believe that a more perfect future for recruiting requires systematic and data-informed changes. As such, we regularly conduct customer interviews to learn how talent teams’ needs and challenges are evolving and how Datapeople can better support them. From these conversations, we’ve learned that your teams love the evolution of the Datapeople platform – but have found that navigating to all the newly added enhancements wasn’t as intuitive as it could be. 

As your teams are moving towards becoming strategic partners within your organization, they need easier access to what they were working on most recently, the core workflows of the platform, and the most relevant insights at that time. Further, there was an opportunity for us to make inviting internal collaborators, such as hiring managers, more accessible and welcoming. 

“It would be nice if anytime I went into Datapeople, it remembered my recent posts”

Datapeople User

Now that we had our customer requirements, we sought to analyze user behavior through our internal analytics as well as user testing to define the core actions, data, and functionality that needed to be no more than a click or two away. From this analysis, we learned that we must prioritize more direct access to the following capabilities on the Datapeople platform:

  • A more personalized view that puts your jobs center stage
  • Intuitive workflow actions for TA and non-TA users alike
  • A high-level overview of core functions, actions, and insights that will support your hiring goals 

Critical recruiting actions, just a click away

Specific to your assigned user type, Admin or Editor, you’ll be greeted with a customized view of your core recruitment actions, including recent job posts, presented in one place. From optimizing a new job post to verifying job post compliance to analyzing pipeline data, simply toggle between core Datapeople actions – Standardize*, Write, Track, and Analyze – to take swift action, simplify your workflows, and bake data into every stage of the hiring process.

*Standardize is a core action available to Admin users/Admin view only.

An easier path to Insights

You asked, and we listened! We’ve removed the burden of needing to click through various menus and submenus by automatically surfacing key insights and action items to help you zero in on what’s most urgent or critical.

“It would help everybody on the team if [Insights] were more prominent on the page…”

-Datapeople User
*This is an Admin user/Admin view that displays organizational-level insights

Effortlessly upskill and engage your entire hiring team

Success, whether you define that as a more diverse pipeline, an efficient hiring process, or delivery of exceptional candidate experiences, requires everyone on the hiring team to be on the same page. Now, all members of the hiring team, especially hiring managers, who have historically been overlooked by TA software, benefit from a shared view of the process and intuitive education and workflows to nurture their interest and engagement. 

Securing commitment from the hiring team is exactly why we have included the Learn and Recently Viewed modules on the homepage. Over time, we want to ensure that onboarding a new hiring team member or manager requires little to no effort on your end. 

In the future, those new collaborators will be able to log in to Datapeople and effortlessly stay up to date on recruiting best practices, tips on how to best use the platform, proprietary Datapeople research that will improve hiring outcomes, and more. When hiring teams aren’t brushing up on what’s new, they’ll be equipped to effortlessly glide through our platform, and Datapeople will track each page, job post, Insights report, etc., that they visit, ensuring they have an intuitive way to focus on what is most urgent and critical.

We’re increasing our speed to bring you more of what you need

This update is one of many that your feedback has inspired us to develop. In the near future, we look forward to introducing more features that secure goal achievement through superior and seamless collaboration. In fact, within the homepage, you’ll already notice previews of exciting features that are “Coming Soon” 👀. We are excited to hear how your new homepage supports your hiring efforts, and we appreciate your candid, ongoing feedback. Feel free to reach out to support@datapeople.io for any feedback or questions. 

Not a Datapeople customer but interested in learning more about our platform? Our team is here to chat.

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