Datapeople Software Adoption Made Easier

Software adoption isn’t easy, so Datapeople offers robust analytics insight into your entire recruiting process, including platform usage.

Software implementation is one thing, but company-wide software adoption is something else entirely. At Datapeople, we put a lot of emphasis on software adoption because it’s a vital piece of the puzzle. (It’s one reason why we created the Datapeople Anywhere browser overlay.)

Why is recruiting software adoption so hard?

Hiring teams need to establish real, sustained engagement in a new platform. It’s a tall order, especially when teams are asked to adopt new software all the time. And when most software platforms don’t offer a way to track whether people are actually using them. But Datapeople isn’t just an add-on or nice-to-have. It represents a real change in how hiring teams approach the recruiting process. And for that kind of change to happen, hiring team members have to understand the goals of the platform and how to use it.

Datapeople software adoption made easier

Companies need a way to enforce software adoption in their recruiting process because implementing new software is notoriously difficult. We don’t have the answers for every platform you may be rolling out, but we do have the answers for Datapeople. We’ve baked adoption analytics right into the platform. 

Put simply, Datapeople administrators have total visibility into their team’s work. Our recruiting analytics suite offers robust insight into your entire recruiting process, including your team’s level of adoption.

Three ways Datapeople customers can track software adoption levels among their hiring team:

  1. Platform Usage Report: Review user trends over any time period to benchmark how recruiters and hiring managers are actually using the platform. You can even filter by individual users to view activity metrics and average job listing scores (Datapeople uses a job scoring system).
  2. Average Job Scores: Track average job scores. Look back through time to see how your average job scores have changed.
  3. Content Snapshot: Track improvement in your jobs’ content over time. Identify areas where you’re succeeding as well as areas where you’re stagnating. See how much users are incorporating Datapeople’s guidance into each job. 

Change management back office

We know that every hiring team does recruiting a little differently. Our job is to understand your team’s workflow and how Datapeople will fit into that workflow. For that reason, we include a dedicated customer success manager as standard with most of our pricing tiers. 

But we also know that software adoption, not to mention changing hearts and minds, takes time. Working with hundreds of customers from all over the world has taught us that. Something else it has taught us? That, with time, Datapeople can become muscle memory for any hiring team.

If you’d like to learn more about Datapeople, we invite you to schedule a demo. You can also give us a call, and one of our team members will go over how Datapeople can make hiring more efficient and fair at your organization.

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