The Talent Acquisition Mega Guide to Equitable Hiring in 2024

From optimizing your job posts for inclusivity to exposing biases in your hiring process through data, learn how you can achieve hiring equity in 2024.

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DEI initiatives are increasingly facing external scrutiny while grappling with limited budget, headcount, and support internally. But a fair, inclusive hiring process is efficient, effective, and a powerful driver of an organically diverse workforce in any sociopolitical climate.

That’s why hiring equity should be TA teams’ North Star in 2024 – and it’s possible to achieve, no matter how limited your resources. We’ve packed all our best tips into one comprehensive guide.

In this guide, you’ll learn how:

  • DEI has changed over the past year and what this means for you
  • To improve intake meetings for a more fair, successful overall hiring process
  • To optimize your job posts for inclusivity
    (and efficiency)
  • To leverage data to remove bias – and bottlenecks – from your hiring process