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Looking for an alternative to Textio Hire, an augmented writing platform for job descriptions? Datapeople is purpose-built job description software that uses data science and real candidate search behavior to offer hiring teams guidance on both content and language.

Datapeople provides enhanced editing guidance on job titles, language, requirements, and other important content. It also offers recruiting analytics on your talent pipeline as well as job description management features. With Datapeople, your hiring teams can consistently write job descriptions that are proven to attract more qualified and diverse candidate pools.

Language editing is just one part of great job description software

Attracting a qualified, diverse candidate pool requires more than language guidance alone. It helps, but content guidance helps more. We know because we have the data.

We’ve collected, classified, and analyzed 10s of millions of job descriptions (and counting) from over 40,000 employers. Datapeople uses these jobs to automatically classify each of your jobs and tailor the user experience accordingly. Datapeople uses the data from these jobs to inform content and language guidance. What we’ve learned…

First, job seekers need to be able to find your job listing, which means job titles that are optimized for search engines (i.e., job title SEO). Next, job seekers need to understand your job, which means clear requirements that are appropriate for the position (i.e., not vague or too numerous). Finally, job seekers need to feel welcome to apply, which means clear, concise language.

On your end, job description management features like custom templates as well as ATS integration can ensure your team is on the same page at all times. Also, recruiting analytics can help you understand your talent pipeline as a whole and measure the success of each of your hiring efforts.

It’s a holistic approach to job description software. And when you post jobs calibrated for content and online search as well as language, you see a dramatic increase in the number of qualified candidates who find your job and apply.

Datapeople includes Augmented Writing for Job Descriptions

Language analytics for content as well as language

Curious how our guidance compares to Textio? Datapeople’s language editing functionality goes beyond gendered language with four different types of guidance that ensure qualified candidates find and understand your job.

Job titles are the single most important piece of a job description. For one, they’re the keywords candidates and job boards use for online searches (i.e., obscure titles like ‘Search Engine Ninja’ are all but invisible). They’re also the main way candidates gauge whether they qualify for a position. The guidance in our job description software ensures candidates can find and understand your job.
Long bullet lists, ambiguous soft skills, or confusing requirements can deter qualified candidates. Datapeople compares your job to the local talent market, then it offers guidance to ensure your requirements make sense.
Content is actually more important than language. Inflated job titles and unnecessary degrees or professional certifications can create confidence gaps. Experience ranges that are too broad are confusing (e.g., ‘3 - 10 years’). And the absence of simple things like perks and EEOC information can deter qualified candidates. Datapeople tells you what to add or take out.
If you’ve used Textio, you may already know it’s vital to use clear language proven to make a good impression on qualified job seekers from diverse backgrounds. Things like wordiness, passive voice, corporate cliches or jargon, 10-dollar words, and third-person addresses can confuse job seekers. Datapeople’s language guidance helps teams avoid language that might deter candidates.

Recruiting analytics designed just for hiring teams

Need more than just language editing? Our robust recruiting analytics suite helps every member of your hiring team make stronger, evidence-based hiring decisions. With Datapeople’s recruiting analytics platform, you can measure the impact of every job description on your inbound hiring funnels.

The Job Performance Report is a bird’s-eye view of your organization’s jobs. You can filter by date, department, kind, and job seniority to run weekly or monthly performance reports or identify any recruiting issues.
The Applicant Funnel Report shows you how your organization is attracting talent. Filterable by date, department, kind, and source, it gives you a detailed view of how candidates from different sources perform in your hiring funnel.
The Dynamic Job Content Analysis highlights content issues proven to reduce the quality and diversity of your candidate pools (e.g., not including benefits).
The Dynamic Language Analysis is an overview of the language that you use most often in your open jobs. It helps you write clearly and avoid phrases known to confuse or deter qualified candidates.
The Job Health Report offers a snapshot of your open jobs. It helps you find and resolve issues proven to reduce the fairness of your recruiting process.
The Pipeline Health Meter provides benchmark assessments of your jobs’ inbound funnels. It shows whether each job is attracting enough female candidates, candidates from organic job boards, and candidates in general for a successful, fair hiring effort.

Job description management makes it easy for your teams to work together

Our job description software reinvents the way your team works together to write job descriptions. The job description management features we’ve included make it easy for you to collaborate and write consistent, yet bespoke, job descriptions:

Drawing of an advanced job template in Datapeople.

Advanced Job Templates 

Datapeople’s custom templates enable your hiring teams to create consistent, editable branding and deploy it by department, team, or even job type. Also, you can ensure that critical parts of your job descriptions are always on-brand by setting defaults for sections like Perks and EEOC. Just drop them into any template, and you’re good to go.

Drawing of an ATS syncing files with Datapeople.

ATS Integrations

Reduce administration redundancy by connecting your ATS with Datapeople. We offer an integration for most major Applicant Tracking systems including Workday, Greenhouse and SmartRecruiters.

Drawing of a computer monitor representing automatic syncing of files in Datapeople.

‘Dropbox’ For Your Jobs 

Datapeople automatically imports jobs from any ATS with no configuration or IT assistance required. The software keeps your jobs organized and ready to edit, so your hiring teams always know exactly where to start.

Drawing of a magic link in Datapeople.

Magic Job Links

Our Magic Job Links make it easy to collaborate with anyone on your team by sharing links that dynamically track revisions, even for users who are not logged in.

Drawing of a performance score of 85 in Datapeople.

Performance Score 

Our performance score keeps everyone focused on the same goal. Your team can draft and revise a job description until the score tops 85. You can then post the job to your company’s career site with full confidence that it will attract a robust and representative candidate pool.

Attract more qualified candidates, quickly

Language editing alone isn’t enough. Job seekers need to be able to find your job, understand the title and requirements, and feel welcome to apply. Meanwhile, you need to understand your talent pipeline, keep your team on the same page, and ensure consistency and quality. 

By optimizing job descriptions for both content and language, you can dramatically increase the quality and diversity of your job’s pipeline. You can also dramatically reduce the time-to-fill for all of your jobs. 

Features like language editing, language analytics, performance analytics, and job description management enable you to take a truly holistic approach to writing job posts. If you’re looking for an alternative to Textio, Datapeople is robust job description software built specifically for hiring teams like yours. 

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Get training and support right out of the box

Are you paying extra for support with Textio? Datapeople includes customer training and support, as well as an in-app chat feature, right out of the box. So all of your hiring team members can ramp up quickly and get the most out of your job description software.

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Have you received pricing from Textio and want to see how we compare? Schedule a demo or email us at Sales@Datapeople.io and we’ll be happy to discuss how our flat-fee pricing compares to Textio’s pricing.

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What are other Textio competitors?

We think Datapeople is the bee’s knees because it’s built specifically for job descriptions. But besides Datapeople, there are other Textio competitors out there, such as Grammarly Business, Gender Decoder, and TalVista. We encourage you to compare these and other Textio competitors to Datapeople as well.

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