Smart Hiring Starts With Smart Posting: The Power of Contextually Aware Job Posts and Hiring Teams

In the whirlwind of recruitment, crafting effective job postings often gets relegated to a task done on autopilot. Usually completed by hiring managers or recruiters with little to no time to research what makes a compelling job post, hiring teams throw up bullet points of responsibilities, pepper in a few “must-have” skills, and hit publish – hoping qualified candidates magically appear. But in today’s competitive landscape, and increasingly complex regulatory environment, this post and pray approach simply doesn’t cut it.

What is smart posting?

At Datapeople, we believe smart hiring starts with smart posting. For us, smart posting means knowing how candidates of all backgrounds will perceive your job post before you hit publish. Truly understanding the context for the role and potential candidates will allow you to identify if the language, title, and content within your job post is going to align with what qualified candidates are searching for, or, if it’s going to turn them off (and why). It delves into the heart of your job description, understanding the specifics of that role, the nuances of the local market, and the unique voice of your employer brand–enabling you to more accurately forecast, plan, and achieve your desired hiring outcomes. 

Think of it like this: You wouldn’t send a generic sales pitch to every potential client, would you? Your job postings deserve the same level of personalization and strategic consideration.

How Datapeople helps hiring teams write contextually aware job posts

Here’s how the Datapeople Smart Editor works its magic.

That’s where Datapeople comes in. Acting as your hiring team’s job post secret weapon, our AI-powered Smart Editor provides hiring managers and recruiters with the market-calibrated context they need to write compelling job posts that encourage qualified and diverse candidate pools to apply to your job. 

  • Contextualizing language and content to each role
    • Ditch the corporate jargon and generalized buzzwords, and instead speak directly to your target audience in role-specific language that resonates with their experience and career aspirations. 
    • We detect whether or not you’re missing critical content pertinent to job seekers in that specific market or field of work, and offer suggestions on what to add.
    • Automatically ensure every job post is bias-free and adheres to local legislation with compliance alerts built into your job writing process. 
  • Optimizing for performance
    • We ensure your job titles and descriptions use SEO friendly keywords so that your ad doesn’t get lost in the sea of generic postings and more qualified candidates lay eyes on your posting. Get ready to see those applications roll in!
    • We help you write job posts that eliminate the confidence gap job seekers often experience when determining whether or not to apply. Increasing the number of qualified candidates that also happen to have underrepresented backgrounds.
  • Building a scalable and cohesive talent strategy
    • Every post becomes a brushstroke in your employer brand masterpiece. With standardization of tone, voice, local requirements, and approved messaging across all postings, you’ll attract candidates who align with your values and feel welcome to apply.
    • Your hiring managers and recruiters never second guess how or where to get started and what to include when a requisition opens, maximizing recruitment efficiency and productivity.

Hiring outcomes you can anticipate

Once hiring teams are equipped with the customized context they need to write commanding job posts, the benefits go beyond filling open positions. You’ll experience:

  • Reduced time to hire: Since your job posts are calibrated to resonate with your intended audience and expectations are clear and inclusive, you will more easily attract stronger candidate pools and will have already set the rest of your hiring process up for success, ensuring you fill roles faster.  
  • Improved candidate experience and employer brand: With candidates clearly understanding the role, requirements, and what it’s like to work with you, candidates who apply will move more confidently through your recruitment process and develop positive sentiment toward your employer brand and the potential of working at your company.
  • Reduced bias in hiring: With biased language removed from your job posts and critical DEI and EEOC content standardized into your processes,qualified candidates from underrepresented backgrounds are more likely to apply,  increasing the diversity of your pipeline and future workforce. 
  • More qualified candidate pools and greater recruiter efficiency: With qualified candidates more easily finding and choosing to apply to your roles (thanks to your well-written job posts), recruiters can spend more time focusing on candidates and less time on outbound sourcing and sifting through piles of unqualified applications. 
  • Confidence that you’re compliant with regulations and company requirements: Stress less and avoid costly legal issues and reputational damage by ensuring your job postings align with local regulations (think: salary transparency, EEOC statements, and more) while also ensuring that your company’s recruitment policies and talent brand are enforced, no matter who writes the job.

Unleash the power of smart posting

Remember, in a world brimming with noise, your job postings are your megaphone. Make sure your hiring teams are equipped with the context they need to resonate with your intended audience. Along the way, you’ll fuel recruitment success and your talent brand reputation and be able to embrace the true potential of your candidate pipelines. At Datapeople, we’re here to help your hiring teams write the next chapter in your talent acquisition journey, one smart post at a time.

Ready to achieve your desired hiring outcomes and unleash the power of smart posting? Visit our website to learn more about Datapeople’s Smart Editor and see how you can unlock the world of context and market-driven job posts that propel hiring goals forward! 

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