Responsible AI Terminology Cheat Sheet for Talent Leaders

As artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly integrates into various aspects of business and society, understanding both its inner workings and implications has become crucial for HR and talent acquisition leaders. Over the past two years, you’ve probably gotten far more comfortable with technical concepts like “machine learning,” “neural networks,” and “training data” than you could have […]

What is an Automated Employment Decision Tool? And What If I’m Using One?

The meteoric rise of AI in recruitment has brought with it both previously unimaginable opportunities and existential challenges. And nothing in the realm of AI-assisted hiring straddles the line of possible risk and reward quite like the automated employment decision tool (AEDT). AEDTs offer significant efficiencies and the potential to reduce human bias, but their […]

Datapeople Platform Update: May 2024

Exciting new updates on the Datapeople platform

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to prioritize well-being and break down stigmas. At Datapeople, we understand the importance of mental health in the workplace, and that’s why our latest product releases are designed to help your team work more efficiently with increased awareness of process optimizations. A quick summary of what’s new: […]

What is Data-Driven Talent Acquisition, Really?

The landscape of recruitment has evolved radically over the past few decades – and significantly over just the past few years. Gone are the days when hiring decisions were made solely based on intuition and gut feelings. Today, data-driven talent acquisition is revolutionizing the way organizations attract, evaluate, and hire candidates.  There’s often a misconception, […]

How (And Why) to Nail Job Description Compliance in 2024

In today’s highly regulated business environment, ensuring compliance in every aspect of operations is key, and this includes job description compliance. While artifacts of the hiring process such as interview questions, background checks, and written offers clearly warrant legal oversight, job posts – perhaps surprisingly, given how much leeway most businesses give their employees to […]

Datapeople Platform Update: April 2024

Exciting new updates on the Datapeople platform

We hope our fresh batch of releases for our April release brings May hires 🌷 We have made some exciting updates to our Smart Editor and Insights capabilities to streamline and optimize your hiring efforts. These updates will make it easier for your team to embrace best practices and easily identify optimization opportunities with in-flight […]

Datapeople Platform Update: March 2024

Exciting new updates on the Datapeople platform

Whether you are ramping up hiring or anticipating a rebound later in 2024, you can get a head start today in the Datapeople Platform. To help you put your best foot forward, we have added additional proactive nudges to make your job posts more inclusive and compliant with local regulations.  A quick summary of what’s […]

Talent Acquisition Trends: Efficiency, Alignment, and the Rise of AI

The Datapeople Customer Advisory Board shares insights on the future of Talent Acquisition

At times, we all need assistance seeing the forest through the trees. That’s why a Customer Advisory Board (commonly called a CAB) program can be so impactful and one of the reasons Datapeople started to invite our customers’ most inspiring Talent Acquisition (TA) leaders to the table two years ago. Our CAB members inspire and […]

The Future of Talent Acquisition, Powered by Responsible AI

AI is transforming talent acquisition, but concerns about its risks are valid. However, in the face of these risks, some of which have the potential to irreparably harm job seekers and employer brands, both candidates and employers alike are forging ahead and embracing AI in hopes of reducing rote work and improving hiring outcomes. While […]