The war for talent is real, especially when aiming to fill critical go-to-market roles. In today’s competitive landscape, attracting and hiring top performers requires a strategic and data-driven approach. In a recent webinar, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager – GTM of Autodesk, Jason Swenton, and Co-Founder and CEO of Datapeople, Amit Bhatia delve into the intricacies of go-to-market hiring. Throughout “Data-Driven Ways to Optimize Hiring,” they shed light on the challenges, strategies, and trends shaping talent acquisition for some of the most high-demand roles. From the struggle to secure top talent to the evolving dynamics of recruitment, their conversation provided valuable insights for organizations striving to excel in their hiring endeavors.

Challenges in go-to-market hiring

The competition is real, and it isn’t always with other talent suitors. 

  • Cutthroat Competition: Top talent is in high demand, often juggling multiple offers.
  • Shifting Landscape: The “Great Resignation” and globalization have introduced new complexities eliminating some easy wins, like cost-efficient international hiring, and adding new dynamics to consider. 
  • Early Alignment Woes: When working with fast-moving go-to-market teams and their urgent roles, it can be easy to become misaligned with other stakeholders and business goals. Consider a platform that encourages collaboration with synchronous experiences likes commenting built-in
  • Complexity Overload: Managing a high volume of openings and non-standard hiring processes that are rightfully adapted to local nuances and regulations adds overhead.
  • Data Challenges: Data has the power to illuminate, but only if you can access and zero in on what is most meaningful.
  • Finding the Right Fit: Balancing potential with proven experience requires careful consideration and thoughtful creation of job posts and hiring process assessments.

Investing in your data-driven go-to-market hiring success

So how do you overcome these challenges and build a winning go-to-market team and process? Here are some key strategies to effortlessly embrace data-driven hiring:

  • Assemble a Strong TA Squad: Invest in recruiters who understand your talent targets and organization’s strengths and dynamics. Often this is a mix of experienced and high-potential talent.
  • Embrace Data-Driven Decisions: Data is your friend. Use historical trends to predict future needs and optimize your hiring strategies. Datapeople Insights provides accessible on-demand access to the most crucial hiring-related data and analytics to ensure your team is the (data) expert they aspire to be.
  • Forge a True Partnership: Communication and collaboration are key. Regularly connect with your hiring team, by embracing synchronous work on key hiring activities like writing the job post, and business leaders to understand their needs and provide solutions.
  • Employer Branding is King: Showcase your company culture and values to attract candidates who are a good fit. Craft compelling job posts that resonate, easily and efficiently, by leveraging Datapeople’s Smart Editor.
  • Clarity is Key: Involve hiring managers early in the process. Write clear, concise job posts that highlight the role and company culture. Avoid generic or biased language that could dissuade talent by deploying a platform like our Smart Editor
  • Don’t Forget Past Prospects: Engage with past applicants and leverage candidate relationship management (CRM) tools.
  • Embrace Diversity & Inclusion: Train hiring managers on inclusive hiring practices to improve the quality of your applicant pools this blog shares 10 ways we inadvertently sabotage our job posts. Invest in employer branding initiatives that showcase diversity. Craft inclusive job posts more easily and consistently by deploying accessible software like Datapeople Anywhere.
  • Metrics Matter: Track key metrics like time-to-hire and offer acceptance rate. Ensure your team always has access to accessible data to identify areas for improvement and optimize your process with Datapeople Insights.
  • Tech to the Rescue: Utilize technology and responsible AI-powered platforms to empower hiring managers and streamline the effort to create an effective hiring process.
  • Think Globally, Act Locally: Stay informed about compensation trends and compliance requirements in different regions and adapt your strategies accordingly (psst, our Smart Editor can help with this, too).

A case study in go-to-market hiring success

The webinar featured Autodesk as a company that exemplifies many of these best practices. Their emphasis on the early involvement of hiring managers, data-driven decision-making powered by Datapeople, and a focus on building a strong employer brand have helped them cement market leadership. 

Data-driven hiring for go-to-market success is achievable

The webinar emphasized the importance of a strategic and collaborative approach to go-to-market hiring. By implementing these best practices and staying informed about the evolving talent landscape, you can build a winning team that drives success for your organization. You can hear more from Jason and Amit by watching the webinar on-demand

Remember: Hiring top talent is an investment, not just a cost. By focusing on building strong relationships, leveraging data, embracing leading hiring technologies like Datapeople, and creating a positive candidate experience (which you can learn more about in our Standardize to a Better Candidate Experience Masterclass), you can secure the best and brightest to your go-to-market team.

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