Achieve Hiring Goals Faster With Efficient Hiring Team Collaboration Built in to Your Job Post Workflow

The recruiter and hiring manager relationship is the foundation of any recruitment process. As such, it’s critical that these internal stakeholders are communicating effectively and efficiently throughout the duration of the hiring process – starting with the creation of the job post. Yet, today’s talent acquisition (TA) tech stack makes collaboration so difficult that it either does not occur or is forced to alternative platforms. The net result is longer times to finalize job posts and a hiring process that stubbornly remains too siloed. 

TA systems are hostile to collaboration 

When it comes to job post collaboration, most recruiters and hiring managers find themselves attempting to relay feedback and ask questions in email, Slack, or a third party word processor like Google Docs or Microsoft Word. This clunky way of working is an unfortunate recipe for hiring team misalignment and job post oversights and mishaps (we’ve all seen a published job post with placeholder or missing copy 😳). Further, it squanders limited team resources outside of the core recruitment process and tech stack that recruiting operations has so thoughtfully configured.

To meet the escalating demands and needs of our businesses, we can no longer afford to be so inefficient. So, we combined our own research and customer feedback to identify opportunities that nurture communication and collaboration. We know the need exists, it just needs a platform. Datapeople will be that platform. The all-in-one experience where recruiters and hiring managers collaborate in a single platform to write, review, and leave comments on job descriptions without leaving their core recruitment platforms. 

“Our 2023 customer data showed us that, as our customers continue to grow and mature, so do  the complexities of their hiring processes. Helping them succeed means solving their workflow challenges and enabling internal stakeholders to more easily collaborate with one another.”

– Janna Biagio, VP of Customer Success

A pioneer in job post collaboration

We’re so excited to unveil our paradigm shifting capability for Datapeople customers–say hello to commenting directly in the Smart Editor. Now a single destination, a single tab, will power the creation of effective and inclusive job posts while also seamlessly engaging your teammates every step of the way.

As the first of its kind experience, it was critical for us to make the capability immediately familiar. Thus we landed on Google Docs-like functionality that allows for commenting, tagging, and resolving discussions in real-time and asynchronously. An experience that  acknowledges how integral efficient hiring team collaboration is to achieving your desired hiring goals.

The feedback you need, where you need it

Say goodbye to pinging your co-workers on external platforms when you need them to weigh in on a job posting. Now, you can tag colleagues directly in the Datapeople Smart Editor and connect with them where you’re already working:

  • Leave a general comment on the side of the job post for all to see and respond to
  • Highlight and comment on a specific piece of text to focus attention on
  • Keep the conversation going and easily reply in a comment thread, your email provider, or Slack

All options allow you to @tag colleagues, react with your favorite emojis, and even attach an image or file to your comment without having to navigate away from the job post.

Easily capture and close the conversation 

When you or a teammate gets tagged in a comment, Datpeople alerts the appropriate team members and automatically captures the conversation:

  • Receive an automated email or Slack message (depending on your preferred configuration) with the option to respond in-app, email, or in Slack
  • Comment history you’re a part of will appear on your personalized Datapeople Homepage so you never miss a thing
  • Resolved comments are automatically saved and accessible within each job post should a thread need to be reopened

Efficient and effective hiring team collaboration is the future

To focus on the strategic, we need to find ways to reduce the effort and time wasted on inefficient processes and tasks. Talent acquisition and hiring managers already collaborate, but in a highly inefficient and ineffective way outside of the hiring technology stack. The ability to chat with your teammates within the Datapeople Smart Editor will be the solution to bring collaboration back into your workflow. It offers hiring teams a seamless way to collaborate on job posts to kickstart a more efficient hiring process. It also sets the stage for additional collaboration experiences throughout the hiring process. Keep an  👀 out for where we’re going next with collaboration, we’re just getting started. 

Not a Datapeople customer but interested in learning more about our platform? Our team is here to chat.

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