Datapeople Helps SmartRecruiters Customers Write Inclusive Job Descriptions

Are you a SmartRecruiters customer who’s curious about the impact that job descriptions can have on your candidate pipeline? If so, Datapeople offers the only fully integrated job description editor on the market. With Datapeople, you can write job descriptions that attract more qualified and diverse candidate pools. You can also connect it to your ATS for seamless workflow integration.

Seamless Datapeople-SmartRecruiters Workflow

Datapeople offers complete integration with your ATS so workers can use the two platforms seamlessly.

Digital rendering of a computer screen showing security permissions.

User Management & Permissions

Sync users automatically for easy onboarding and offboarding of team members. Carry permissions from SmartRecruiters to Datapeople, so users have the same permissions in both systems.

Digital rendering of Datapeople's Smart Dashboard.

Smart Dashboard

Automatically filter the job posts that users see on their Datapeople dashboard. For personalized default views that are relevant to each user.

Digital rendering of Datapeople automatically syncing.

Smart Job Management

Sync job description drafts in Datapeople to job ads in SmartRecruiters automatically, regardless of which you create first. The status in Datapeople will always reflect the latest status in SmartRecruiters.

Graphic of a user inviting other users to edit a job description.


Invite any SmartRecruiters user to edit a job description in Datapeople right from the draft. Track all of the edits your team members make in your revision history.

Digital rendering of a computer screen showing one-click sync.

One-Click Sync

With a single click, send your job title and all description fields from Datapeople to SmartRecruiters.

Graphic of single sign on.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

No more login fatigue or unwieldy password lists. Log in to SmartRecruiters and Datapeople using the same login credentials.

Data Management

Datapeople is the only job description editor on the market that comes with a complete recruiting analytics suite.

Digital rendering of Datapeople's applicant funnel recruiting analytics.

Applicant Funnel

Analyze which candidate sources that applicants are using to find your jobs. Track how far in your applicant funnel candidates from each source go.

Graphic of Datapeople's talent pipeline health meter.

Pipeline Health

See how many total applicants and how many qualified candidates have applied to your jobs, in real time.

Graphic of shared automatic filters.

Automatic Filters

Classify jobs the same way you do in SmartRecruiters, using the same departments and seniority levels.

Leverage recruiting analytics designed just for hiring teams

Our robust recruiting analytics suite helps every member of your hiring team make stronger, evidence-based decisions. With Datapeople’s Smart Recruiting Analytics, you can measure the impact of every job description on your inbound hiring funnels. 

The Job Performance Report is a bird’s-eye view of your organization’s jobs. You can filter by date, department, kind, and job seniority to run weekly or monthly performance reports or identify any recruiting issues.
The Applicant Funnel Report shows you how your organization is attracting talent. Filterable by date, department, kind, and source, it gives you a detailed view of how candidates from different sources perform in your hiring funnel.
The Dynamic Job Content Analysis highlights content issues proven to reduce the quality and diversity of your candidate pools (e.g., not including benefits).
The Dynamic Language Analysis is an overview of the language that you use most often in your open jobs. It helps you write clearly and avoid phrases known to confuse or deter qualified candidates.
The Job Health Report offers a snapshot of your open jobs. It helps you find and resolve issues proven to reduce the fairness of your recruiting process.
The Pipeline Health Meter provides benchmark assessments of your jobs’ inbound funnels. It shows whether each job is attracting enough female candidates, candidates from organic job boards, and candidates in general for a successful, fair hiring effort.

How long does a SmartRecruiters-Datapeople integration take?

Integrating your SmartRecruiters ATS with Datapeople doesn’t take long at all. We can usually get you set up in about 24 hours.

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