Datapeople Anywhere

Job post guidance that works where you do

Write, import, and publish inclusive job posts directly in your ATS with Datapeople’s web browser overlay.

Our web browser overlay. Your ticket to efficient, effective job post creation.

Write where you work

Keep your workflows simple and reduce login fatigue with job post guidance that lives directly in your ATS.

Build a scalable process

Implement an efficient and data-driven job writing process that scales with you as your hiring efforts grow.

Prioritize hiring goals

Job posts are the first (and often only) things candidates see. Make sure yours are optimized for successful hiring outcomes.

Automate your workflow

Reduce time to fill with efficiencies baked into your process

Inefficient workflows between recruiters and hiring managers are a threat to your hiring goals. Eliminate manual steps in the job writing process with the Datapeople Anywhere web browser overlay. Our ATS-compatible solution ensures your job posts are stored, optimized, and published right where you already work.

Gain a competitive edge

Put your best employer brand foot forward

With today’s hiring challenges, the last thing you need is an inconsistent or unattractive employer brand. With our web browser overlay, rest assured that job seekers have a positive first impression of your brand. Our market-calibrated guidance, lockable templates, and reports allow you to control your job postings (and brand) at scale.


Write inclusive jobs that welcome all qualified candidates

Unconscious biases that creep into job postings can have a negative impact on your candidate pool. That’s where the Datapeople Anywhere web browser overlay comes in. We ensure that your job posts are free of sexism, racism, tokenism, ableism, ageism, nationalism, religious bias, and elitism – ensuring that qualified candidates of all backgrounds feel welcome to apply.