Talent Acquisition Needs Upskilling, Not Just Training: Datapeople University Raises the Bar

The talent acquisition landscape is shifting. What worked yesterday might leave you and your teams scrambling tomorrow. While training on specific tools and workflows has its place, it’s not enough to drive success. Talent acquisition needs learning to stay ahead and continuously deliver successful outcomes. The highest performing TA teams understand the “why” (the rationale) behind the “how” (the tactics). They operate from a deep baseline of experience and understanding to thrive beyond single tasks. They don’t get here by accident, they invest in their craft. Talent acquisition needs learning, not just training.

This is where Datapeople University enters the scene, marking a significant step and commitment to future-proofing talent acquisition learning. With self-led, knowledge-powered programs that go far beyond just training to use our platform. We are equipping TA team members with strategic skills and deep industry insights that will pay dividends today and well into the future.

Task-based training limits potential 

The prevailing approach to talent acquisition upskilling is heavily task-oriented. This approach focuses on mastery of tools and the execution of specific workflows. Unfortunately, this approach neglects the broader understanding of the reasons behind these actions. For instance, team members may reference time-to-fill or passthrough rates without understanding the implications or inputs. The lack of deep comprehension of critical metrics may leave them ill-prepared for shifts in company goals or transitions to organizations with different priorities.

Moreover, the current state of TA team training often lacks transferability beyond the immediate company or role. This leaves professionals stranded when faced with new challenges, preventing them from leveraging their skills in a broader context.

Learning will unleash your true potential  

Achieving your team’s true potential is not just about mastering tasks or tools—it’s about establishing a foundation that goes beyond today’s surface. In every discipline, learning sets a baseline that shapes your thinking and actions. In the ever-evolving landscape of talent, characterized by shifting needs, heightened expectations, and intricate complexities, the ability to step back and gain a comprehensive understanding is crucial for individual and team success. As organizations increasingly emphasize a data-driven approach and talent acquisition expands to operate more collaboratively with HR across the entire hiring process, continuous learning, and upskilling become the keys to not only meeting but surpassing these new challenges. 

Enter Datapeople University

Datapeople University is more than just online training courses; it’s a learning commitment. It offers a learning journey designed to address the shortcomings of current talent acquisition learning paradigms. Datapeople University, accessible through the Datapeople platform for all customers, offers self-led learning experiences that go beyond task execution, delving into the “why” behind common recruiting skills. We have built these experiences to impart transferable knowledge, empowering professionals to adapt and excel in different organizational settings.

As a testament to this commitment, Datapeople is launching its first set of online certification courses. Designed for self-led learning, these courses illuminate the rationale behind actions and guide professionals on the most efficient and impactful ways to execute them. The courses are not just confined to learning about the Datapeople platform; most offer a holistic understanding of talent acquisition principles that can be applied universally. To help start smart and prepare for a successful 2024, we have carefully curated our first four certification courses.

  • Top 5 Recruiting Metrics in a Volatile Market
  • Hiring Managers: Learn the Craft of Effective Job Posts
  • Recruiters: Job Posts That Drive Candidate Experience
  • TA Leaders: Job Posts That Drive Hiring Outcomes
Datapeople University Certification Screen

In addition to certification, Datapeople University offers a wealth of other learning and training content, including platform tutorial videos and expert-led webinars on a variety of pressing recruiting market topics. This multifaceted approach ensures that professionals have access to a diverse range of resources, catering to various learning preferences and covering the entire spectrum of talent acquisition.

Our pledge to you, and all of talent acquisition

The launch of Datapeople University is just the beginning of our shared transformative learning experience. As we take this initial step, we recognize that the learning landscape is ever-evolving. Datapeople is committed to staying abreast of learning opportunities and wants to help you earn a strategic seat at the table, drive impactful decisions, and build a future that goes beyond task execution. 

Join us online at Datapeople University, where learning transcends the boundaries of tasks, and professionals are equipped to lead the way in shaping the future of talent acquisition, retention, and stewardship. This is not just a certification; it’s a commitment to continuous growth and excellence in the dynamic world of talent acquisition.

Are you ready to learn? Visit Datapeople University today and embark on your learning journey.

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