An Employer Value Proposition can help you win the war for talent, make it easier to deliver with Datapeople.

In today’s hyper-competitive talent market, securing and retaining top performers is a top priority for every organization. Leading employers understand that a competitive salary and benefits package is just table stakes. To truly stand out, they look inward at their Employer Value Proposition (EVP). The Employee Value Proposition – the unique set of experiences, benefits, and culture that differentiates them from the competition.

Crafting a compelling EVP requires a collaborative effort. This effort is often spearheaded by Employer Branding teams in partnership with Talent Acquisition and Human Resources leadership. This unified approach ensures your EVP reflects the voice of your leadership, employees, and even potential candidates. This creates a powerful magnet that attracts and retains the talent you crave.

Benefits of an Employer Value Proposition

Discussions about EVPs are booming for a reason. A well-defined and consistently delivered EVP can streamline your hiring process by attracting the perfect-fit candidates. Your EVP goes beyond the basics, forming a compelling narrative of what it’s like to work at your organization. While everyone in your company contributes to its essence, an EVP is typically spearheaded by your Employer Branding team. If you do not have that specialty it is likely a collaborative effort between Human Resources and Talent Acquisition leadership. It reflects the voice of your leadership, employees, and even potential candidates, creating a truly authentic message that (ideally) resonates with talent.

If you’re considering codifying your EVP (for the first time) or polishing one created last decade, here’s a primer.

  • What is it? An encapsulation of the unique set of experiences, benefits, and culture that differentiates your company from competitors. It’s the “why” behind why someone would choose to work for you. It goes beyond just salary and perks, encompassing your company culture, career development opportunities, and overall work environment.
  • Who defines it? Typically the process of drafting or updating your EVP is led by an Employer Branding team. However, in circumstances where such a team doesn’t exist, the responsibility is shared by Talent Acquisition and Human Resources. 
  • What is the potential? When done well it will help you attract high-quality candidates, improve your employer brand, and ultimately, boost employee retention. It connects your unique company culture and offerings with talent improving attraction and retention. 

Consistency challenges with your Employer Value Proposition

Crafting a compelling EVP is just the first step. Consistent application across all talent acquisition efforts is crucial. However, with multiple people involved consistency can be tricky, leading to confusion and diluted impact. To position your company for consistent success, it is crucial to tackle common deployment roadblocks. 

  • Multiple writers: We all internalize and write differently. These differences can lead to inconsistencies in how your EVP is presented across job postings and recruitment materials. In isolation, these differences might seem minor, but in aggregate, they create market confusion and distraction. 
  • Multiple markets: When crafting your EVP it is important to consider how it should “flex” across roles and hiring locations. For organizations with decentralized hiring, geographic, cultural, and regulatory norms add another layer of complexity to achieving consistency and authenticity. 
  • Manual reporting: Tracking and reporting on missing EVP elements, without a specialized platform, is a laborious effort. The effort involved often relegates reporting to manual spot checks. This leaves businesses unaware of issues until the market informs them in candidate surveys or regulatory scrutiny. 

The potential of an Employer Value Proposition-centric platform

Credibility is hard to earn and easy to lose. For something as core as your EVP, it is too risky to entrust training, good intentions, and manual reporting. So leaders are turning to a modern EVP-centric Talent Acquisition platform like Datapeople. With Datapeople, you can instrument your EVP into the core of your hiring process. Your default hiring process will thus embrace your EVP. Real-time reporting will allow your team to keep a pulse on deviations and opportunities. With Datapeople, you will maximize the potential of your EVP without the effort.

Here’s how Datapeople helps you achieve consistent, authentic, and measurable EVP integration:

  • Style and Policy Guides: Tailoring your Policy Guide and Style Guide will lock in your company and regulatory standards. Standards will be systematically applied in the Datapeople Smart Editor. Our writing experience will seamlessly coach and upskill your team. They will more consistently write compelling high-quality that are aligned with core elements of your EVP.
  • Pre-built templates: Save time and resources with pre-approved templates that lock in your core EVP elements. Craft instructions and lock down sections, to maximize brand consistency and flexibility. Ensure templates are available everywhere your team works, including your ATS, with Datapeople Anywhere.
  • Real-time reporting: Illuminate gaps and optimization opportunities with real-time reporting across all your job postings. Datapeople Insights offers one-click access to robust reporting and insights that will make your data-driven hiring dream an impactful reality. 

Ready to unlock the full potential of your Employer Value Proposition? A Datapeople specialist is standing by to share your personalized onboarding plan taking your company from EVP-aspirational to EVP-centric. 

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