How to Build a Great Talent Tech Stack in 2024

Your tech stack is as much of your hiring experience as your team members. Learn from the experiences of Mark Tortora as he shares Squarespace’s journey to standardize, improve candidate and team member experience, and embrace data-driven hiring.

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Amit Bhatia
Co-founder and CEO,

Mark Tortora
Staff Recruiting
Operations Lead

Your talent tech stack needs to serve your team and your talent audience

There are numerous dimensions to consider when evaluating new or existing technology, affecting both candidates and internal stakeholders, and the decisions power your candidate experience and will propel either hiring success or challenges.

AI is a promising new piece to the tech stack puzzle

AI is continuing to rise from curiosity to priority for talent acquisition leaders, especially those managing high volume hiring. There are great opportunities to improve areas of the recruiting process with AI, though organizations need to be aware of risks and potential compliance challenges.

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