Mission control for recruiting operations

Get meaningful insights into your job description language and content.

A comprehensive view into content and language

Monitor job content, language, and usage to attract more qualified applicants. 

Job Content

See content for every job

Qualified candidates are more likely to apply for a role if job listings include often overlooked information such as location, reporting structure, diversity statement, and perks or benefits.

Job listing length and having approachable and inclusive language also impacts the size of your candidate pool. 

Language Analytics Job Language Report

Job Language

Pay attention to language choice

Language that may seem safe from the employer’s point of view can be perceived very differently by candidates.

Keep the positive phrases that attract candidates and remove the harmful or unclear phrases that can confuse or put off qualified candidates.

Platform Usage

Find your champions

Get usage reports to benchmark how recruiters and hiring managers are actually using the platform.

Filter by individual users to view activity metrics and average job listing scores. 

Datapeople Usage Report

Reveal new data insights

Combine unique filters to find answers to questions about your language and content quality.


Automatically detect and group your jobs by location to understand how Sydney compares to Barcelona (for job listing quality).

Job Seniority

Datapeople automatically detects and classifies your jobs by seniority. Learn how your job listings speak to different experience levels.

Recruiter or Hiring Manager

Break down content, language, and usage by recruiter or hiring manager to spot tendencies and opportunities for improvement.

Job Type

Examine language and content for job types such as sales or engineering to find ways to improve candidate quality by job type.

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