Tell your unique hiring story

Use Datapeople’s customizable recruiting performance analytics to better organize your data and build the reports you need.

Measure what matters

Create dashboards to track pipeline performance, time to fill, recruiter capacity, and other important metrics.

Enrich your data

Get powerful new views into your data by adding unique data points only available within Datapeople.

Effortless configuration

Our ATS integration partnerships ensure a seamless, low-touch integration process. 

Your data, just better

We organize and expand your data into meaningful insights you can actually use. 


We automatically read job locations and group them together (by both city and country). Our filters understand that San Francisco, San Fran (gasp!), and SF are all the same place.

Job Seniority

Datapeople automatically detects job seniority level, enabling you to track performance for your entry-level, junior, mid-level, and senior pipelines independently.

Gender Demographics

Benchmark pipeline performance to see if your job descriptions are attracting enough female candidates compared to similar jobs.

Job Type

Review how job types, like engineering and marketing, perform at your company regardless of their assigned cost center or department.


Automatically consolidate thousands of candidate sources into their specific channels. Finally get a clear view of your candidate sourcing pipeline.


Filter your data using specific job requirements. For example, review the performance data for jobs that require a Ph.D. or an MBA.


Supercharge your ATS

We’ve partnered with all of the major applicant tracking systems to better organize and augment your recruiting data.

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