Datapeople Platform Update: March 2024

Whether you are ramping up hiring or anticipating a rebound later in 2024, you can get a head start today in the Datapeople Platform. To help you put your best foot forward, we have added additional proactive nudges to make your job posts more inclusive and compliant with local regulations. 

A quick summary of what’s new:

  • New proactive tooltips for superior writing empathy and efficiency
  • Pay Transparency notification for Washington DC’s upcoming June 30th requirement

As always, we look forward to your questions and feedback. Click here to drop us an email.

Sharpen your pencils (further) with new Tooltips! ✏️

We have expanded our proactive Tooltips in our Smart Editor to help you further reduce the unintentional usage of words that may be perceived as insensitive or offensive.

For example, if your post includes “blue-collar workers” you will receive an alert prompting you to reconsider the usage as it may make candidates uncomfortable. Another example is shown below.

Image #1

Washington DC Pay Transparency is coming June 30th 💰

As of June 30th, 2024, the Washington DC Pay Transparency Law will be in effect.

Employers will soon be required to list the salary range in job descriptions for all Washington DC jobs. To assist our Smart Editor has been updated with relevant nudges to help your team be ready.

Image #1

To ensure you comply when regulations take effect on June 30th we have updated the Datapeople platform. 😎

If we don’t detect compensation in your post, our sidebar guidance will alert you to add compensation details. When you do detail compensation, we’ll highlight it in green 👏

In addition to being required, including salary information in your job ad improve hiring. It reduces bias and unequal treatment in the hiring process while helping to attract qualified candidates. Jobs that are missing pay transparency will be highlighted in the Compliance Report in Datapeople Insights.

As more laws go into effect, we will, of course, continue to update our platform. For more information on what to disclose when, where, and why, read more here.

We look forward to helping your team deliver increased hiring performance and strengthened compliance defence. Thanks for reading!

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